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Affordable Yoga & Fitness Winter Challenge
December 21-March 21
We would like to help you keep your new year resolutions in 2016!

Winter Challenge description

Achieve your 2017 fitness goals with this amazing challenge designed to keep you motivated, to inspire, and support you. Three months to complete 30 yoga/fitness classes.
Did you know that 92% of goals made in the New Year fail….unless you have the correct support, motivation and inspiration? Well, Affordable Yoga & Fitness is here to help you succeed, and feel great while you’re doing it!


What does this challenge include?

What are the benefits?

Access to 30 Yoga/Fitness classes which must be used by the end of your 3 month challenge

By giving yourself a timeline, with an end date in sight, you will keep your motivation high. The length of the challenge also allows you to go at your pace (you can speed through it, or take your time). Those who want to complete more than 30 classes will be encouraged, and the top three 'winners' awarded with special prizes including 1 month of unlimited classes, special AYF merchandise, and a personal training session with our founder, Anna, amongst the prizes. 

A 2 hour nutrition workshop with founder Anna Khuade (organized once a month, so if you can’t get to one of them you won’t miss out)

Whenever starting something new, everyone always has questions! This workshop will be a chance to receive support, advice and motivation from Anna, introduce you to people who are doing the challenge with you, and give you an opportunity to ask all the questions you want.
Good nutrition is a huge part of living a better, healthier life.

Affordable Yoga and Fitness T-shirt

Wear this to your classes to recognize your peers and give each other support and motivation!

Ready-made healthy and balanced, 21 day Meal Plan

Sometimes, when we start trying to eat better, we can get lost in all that information out there on the internet. This 21 day meal plan with recipes, shopping lists, and nutritional advice will help you find your way. It can then be recycled to carry you peacefully through your 3 month Winter Challenge, using your favorite recipes again and again.

Weekly motivational emails

Professional advice, lovingly put together by our health and fitness experts. Developed in a structured manner by our team to maximize your benefit of the program.

Dedicated Facebook page

This will include tips from our coaches, motivation from your peers, and the opportunity to ask questions and share your success (or struggles!) in this private support group. Regular guest appearances from coaches and teachers, recipes, quotes, and inspiration.

End of Challenge Event and Winner announcement

What better way to keep you motivated than to participate in our End of Challenge Event? Here you can meet all of your peers, the teachers and coaches who guided and supported you, and you can show off your success!

Why sign up for this challenge?

Besides the reasons stated above….the price! As usual, the cost of this program is extremely affordable! And we offer you 2 options to suit preferences and budgets!

235€ package inclusive of 60 minute classes + all other items to help you achieve your fitness goals for Winter 2016/17. 

300€ all-inclusive package of 60 and 90 minute classes to give you even more choice of classes to suit your preferences and timetable. 

Early Bird Prices! 

Purchase your Winter Challenge before Friday, December 16 for discounted prices of 225€ inclusive of 60 minute classes and 290€ all-inclusive package of 60+90 minute classes